Internationale Lange Nacht der Macher:innen am 27.10.2023

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Liebe Juniorinnen und Junioren, liebe Gäste, liebe Fördermitglieder,

auch in diesem Jahr findet wieder die Lange Nacht der Macher:innen statt.

In diesem Jahr gibt es eine internationale Ausgabe über die Zeitzonen hinweg verteilt. Daher der folgende Einladungstext auf Englisch für Euch:


🚨 Nothing planned for Friday 27th yet?

✨ *International night of Doers 2023 - 27th of october @ 6 pm UTC +2 *✨



👀 Procrastination  (displacing tasks for a longer period of time) is very common and still happens continuously.

🫣 Do you also know accumulated tasks, To-Dos, ideas, projects...? Yes? We all have the same! 😅


 ❓ And what is the result? 

It might be bad feelings, breaking deadlines, loosing money or even being sick or loosing a job!?! 


💪 what if it would be possible to get your work done, in a motivated and innovative atmosphere? 

With the support of people all over the world? With the power of young leaders? 


🚀 Do you think 1 night could change your situation? 


👉 Interested? 

Feel free to register to the IND (International night of Doers 2023) by clicking this link: